Saturday, August 12, 2017

Starting over

I am finally beginning to pick up habits.  Some are not so good.  The move broke all my routines and habits and it has not been easy to establish new ones.  Part of that is the longer commute.  Part is that I kept to much stuff for the smaller house so I have been a bit over whelmed by what still needs to be put away.  Part is I am always looking for something and I can't remember if I got rid of it or moved it.  However, I am making progress on getting rid of more stuff.  I am also finding creative ways of storing items in a house with little storage.  I just keep telling myself I just need to make a little progress every week.

I have continued to unpack boxes and make hard decisions.  But sometimes you just have to ignore it all and sew.  Although instead of sewing I have been folding fabric and placing it on my racks.  Yes racks.  I have several racks of fabric.  I have discovered many pieces of fabric and projects I had totally forgotten about.  Some I am still loving and would love to start right now and some are a 'what was I thinking moment'.  My biggest frustration is I am still looking for my small rulers (2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 squares) and my favorite scissors.  Also a USB stick.  I have unpacked the majority of the sewing room and have no idea where they are.  We also lost our BBQ set but they would have been in different boxes.  All things I would not have gotten rid of.

Earlier in the year I had joined a Block of the Month program in the hopes of kick starting my sewing.  Then I got busy trying to work on the old house to get it on the market and missed a couple of meetings.  Which meant I fell behind.  Last weekend I did work on a block.  It is funny I do like these blocks but I am finding the hardest part is picking the fabric.  I limited my choices to a couple of fat quarter bundles.  Because I have so many I need to use them.  But I will pick fabric and look at it awhile and then change something and have to look at it a while.

Anyway I am behind a couple of blocks but I refuse to let this become a UFO.  I already have too many of those, but lets not mention a number here.  I am just trying to make progress on something.

Here is last weeks block. 

I have made a few others also.

This one looks much darker here than it really is since this was taken late in the afternoon.  One of my other frustration is my lack of natural light in my new sewing area.  But the room I am using was never intended to be a sewing room.  On the blue prints it was called the Family Room.

On the list of things to do in the house is add more lighting.

I am hoping to get a chance this weekend to make another block.  I have the fabric selected for another one and if I get that one done I will only be three blocks behind.

I need to not look at it that way.  I have made progress getting the house in order I need to remember that - and keep looking for my scissors.


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    1. I really like it also. I now have another one cut that I need to get sewn. I got side tracked by a baby gift that I still need to blog about.