Friday, April 29, 2016

April UFO

April is almost over and I finally finished a UFO.  It was actually March's UFO but I will take it.

This was the first Frivol.  I started it when they first came out.  It is not a hard block but when sewing the rows together I turned a few blocks as quarter turn.  Which I then had to rip out and correct.  I am very likely the only person that would have noticed that the seams were going a different directions.  But it would have bugged me.

My oldest daughter has said this will look wonderful hanging in her living room.

Now to see if I can complete something for next month. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Finally A Finish

Since the new year I have not made much progress on my quilting.

Because we had signed up for a class at our Church I knew something would have to give.  I just did not expect as much homework as we ended up having.  We have now gotten thru the worst of the homework and I can again make some progress in the sewing room.

I am almost done with last months UFO.  I never even started this months and I still have Febuary's hanging out also.

But I did get motivated to make a baby gift this month so I pulled out a UFO that was not even on the list but has been hanging out for seven years.  Yes seven years.  I started this for one of the grandsons and never got it done.  Now I wonder why because it was super easy to finish.  I pieced it in one morning.  My daughter quilted it the same day in about 30 minutes.  I then machine sewed the binding on.  That was a first for me.

It is Animal Alphabet Games.

It was hard to get a picture.  I finished to late on Wednesday evening to take a picture so I had a co-worker hold it up for me near a window at work but it was before 8am and there was not enough light.  But if I used the flash it washed all the colors out.

I gave this to one of the consulates that works on my team.  We had a baby shower for him.  He was totally unsure of what it was.  He had never seen a quilt and this was very likely a culturally incorrect thing to do.  He explained that in India the parents to do not buy any thing for the baby before it is born.  We told him it was OK.  He did not buy it.

I am now going to go try and finish March's UFO.