Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Finally a finish.

It has been a long time coming but I was finally able to sew a few weeks ago.

I am still sorting.  I still have boxes to unpack, but I made a baby present and have now presented it.  Really I just needed to sew.

I made a simple patch quilt in colors for a little girl, where mom was using gray on many of the rooms accents, so Pink and Gray it was.

I am still rearranging my sewing room as I change my mind about how to set things up.  I am sure I will be doing that for a while.

My husband still owns me a peg board for above my sewing area.  It was promised for Christmas and sits waiting for him to get around to it.  So frustrating.

I still have not found my favorite little scissors that I used at my machine.   I thought I had unpack almost everything but the other day I found a box in the garage.  They must be another out there somewhere.

We have had some unpleasant surprises in the new house.  Like water in the crawl space.  Lots and Lots of water.  We are having a drainage system put in.  Home inspector had said he saw evidence of previous water but the ex-home owner had come up with a big water bill and repair for a leak so we thought that was it.  Now we know better.

And this year we will break the all time record for rain in the month of February.

While digging the drainage on our property.  The workers discovered the neighbors drainage pipes in our yard.  That is certainly not helping our situation.  There was no easement on the Title.  We are not sure how to handle that but we have now damaged their drainage pipes.  So they will still empty on our property.  Sigh.

We are still working on the old house so it is not on the market yet.  Just one more thing to stress me out.

I NEED to sew.

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