Monday, February 1, 2016

January finishes

Yesterday I tried for a long time to get this window to load.

No luck.

I wanted to update my January finishes.  My first was actually a gift for a friend at work.  She had been having a bad day (actually a bad week) and when I got home I decided that I would make her some coasters.  I used the tutorial from It was super quick ant easy.  It took a charm pack.

Next up I have Reflections quilt number 2.

As I mentioned last month.  I made a bunch of these squares.  I have enough for one king size quilt and two queen size.  The King is going to my youngest daughter and this one will go to my oldest.

I actually got it done a couple of weekends ago but I had to wait for the rain to stop and my quilt holder to get out of a cast.  He had surgery on his left had a couple of weeks ago.  He keeps splitting the wound open so I told him not to bleed on the quilt.  Which is making holding it more difficult.

Now this is the stack of quilts that need binding, except the bottom one.  My daughter's home machine was in the shop so she went crazy with quilting.  There are two table runner (I actually have both of those bound now but no picture yet) You can see one of them on the back of the chair.  One crib quilt, two wall hangings, one twin and two queen size quilt.  The quilt on the bottom is actually one that I am ripping out the last row of quilting in for my daughter her longarm was having issues as she was finishing this quilt and put what she calls gubbers on the back.