Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Goals

I have a large number of things I would like to do in 2015.

The first quilt I actually finished for the year was actually one that was in the stack from my last post.  I just needed to finish stitching down the binding.  It is a Bear Mountain Log Cabin.  The pieces are small and I completed the top years ago, I think six,  but just got it quilted this fall.  I have given this to my best friend.  Along with three quilts for her grand kids.

I have created a list of 12 UFO's for the year and will follow plan.

For the month of January that is #2.  That is an old one.  I do not even remember when the fabric was purchased.  It is a lap quilt made of flannel.  Snowball and 9 patch.  I have the top made and made the back.  It has now gone off to my daughter the quilter.

I am currently attempting to work on cleaning up my sewing space.  Before Christmas I worked feverishly getting 15 quilts completed between October and December.  That did not allow for clean up between projects.  I need to get organized now and clean up the mess.

I spend one of my weekends this month teaching a young woman that I work with how to piece a baby quilt.  We kept it simple.  A panel with a couple of boarders.  My daughter has quilted it for her now she will need to come back and learn how to put the binding on.

Because my daughter does so much of my quilting for me I often put boarders on her quilts and make quilt backs for her.  I did get two backs made for quilts for her this month.

I am now working on a baby quilt for one of my co-workers.  His wife is expecting a little boy in March so I had to get busy if I want to have it done before the baby is born.  Because he and his family are from India I keep rejecting fabric as something that might not translate culturally.

I have a long list of projects that I would like to get completed this year.  Many so close to being done it is sad that they have sat so long.  I am making progress slowly.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Where did 2014 go to?

I can't believe that it is already 2015.

The last few months of the year simple flew by.

I did however get a lot done.  I made and/or finished a stack of quilts.  In the last 3 months of the year.

You thought I was kidding didn't you?  These were all finished in December or November.  Unfortunately, I can't remember on all of them.   Most had the binding completed in December.

6 of the tops were finished by September.  The other 5 I made and finished between November and December.  It has all become a blur.

First let me show the ones that were actually flimsies and were quilted and bound in November.

This top was completed in July on 2013 and finally quilted and bound in November.  Given to my daughter-in-law.

I have no idea when I made this top.

I know I bought the fabric when Daisy Kingdom was going out of business...That was a really long time ago.  I think I made the top about 9 years ago.  It has sat waiting to be quilted that long.  Quilted and bound in Late November or Early December.  This one is going to a friends grandson.

Next up one I pieced last spring as one of my UFO's for the year.  Now quilted and bound.  This is actually going to a friends grand daughter.
I had the center of this next one completed during the summer.  I put a boarder on it in November.  It was quilted and bound in December.
This one was also on my UFO list for 2014.  The pattern is called Lemon bash.  I made a mistake when piecing it and was not going to rip it out so I just went with the error.  I know where it is and others might see it.  But the person who got this quilt will never know the difference.  I did not let the mistake stall me.

I made this next one for a little boy and needed something quick.  This was quick.

This next one I assembled the top in Late September.  It was quilted in early November and bound toward the end of the month.  This is where the insanity started.  It was after making this quilt that I decided to make a quilt for all 9 grand children.

I made two of this next one.  They were made for cousins.  I had this fabric for a few years and needed to get it done before the boys got to old.

I also made two of this pokey puppy quilt.  One for a grand child and one for my best friends grand child.  Another one that I had the fabric for a while and needed to use it up.
The next one was actually a collaboration between my daughter and myself.  It was one of her unfinished UFO's. I discovered on December 21st that our ex-foster granddaughter would be joining us for Christmas and needed another quilt so I finished this one and we got it done on Christmas.

The funny thing about this one is that she was the only one that was excited about getting another quilt. She loved the colors.

This next one was made for my 4 grand daughter.  It was also on the 2014 UFO finish list.  We and I do me we got it sewn together on Monday December 21st.  My daughter actually finished stitching down the applique so that she could get it quilted before she left town to go to her in-laws for Christmas.  I got it back from her on Tuesday to get it bound.  It was finished about 3am on Dec 26th.   Good think I had until the 27th for our Christmas celebration.

This quilt was made for my oldest grandson.  He like bridges.  So I made this quilt using Violet Crafts Waterfront park bridge fabric.  These are Portland Bridges and he has been across all of them on the Portland Bridge Peddle.  He has also visited them when he took a class at OMSI.  This quilt was inspired by one that I saw at the Sandy Quilt Show last June.  I wish I had taken note of the lady who made it so I could give her proper credit.   I have know idea how close mine is like hers because I made it from a memory.  I know that the colors are of course different.  My daughter did the quilting to look like waters.

This last quilt was actually made by my husband but I wanted to include it.  We took a class in November where this was started.  It started out a wall hanging but he made it bigger.  He then added the boarders and backed it with Minky.  He gave it to our son as he was the last of his family to get a minky backed quilt.  With the temps around here last week it was greatly enjoyed.

That is all but one of the quilts that are in the stack.  There is one more in the stack that I do not have a picture of yet.  I did not finish the binding until New years as the person it is going to is currently out of town and I had time.

Of all that I got done all but 3 pieces of fabric came from my stash.  I sure wish I noticed a difference in the amount of fabric I have.  

There are 15 quilts in the above stack.
4 of the above were on my 2014 UFO list.
2 had been tops for a while.
4 had been on my list to do before the kids got too old to like them any more.  

My daughter has made me promise that I will never decide in September/ October time frame that I need to make quilts for all the grand kids again.  If I had just done them for my own I might have been ok.  But then I did 3 for my best friends grand kids. 

This could not have been done without the help of my long arming daughter and the help of my husband who helped me get the quilts bound.  He bound 5 of mine and his own.

Needless to say my grand plans to work on Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt were put on hold as I finished all of these instead.

Did I mention that I work outside the home full time?