Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Hurrier I Go

I completed the top for this months UFO just under the wire today.  It is not perfect.  I took a lot of short cuts to get it done and some were not very successful.  My quilter is not going to like my boarders.

This was the Patchwork QAL from the Fat Quarter Shop last year.  Because of the move and working on getting to house sold I got behind and never caught up.  I feel lucky that I had gotten all the patterns for it.

This is it yesterday afternoon.

This is it this evening.  However today I had to do some ripping.  I had not pinned...another short cut, when joining the rows and the sashings had not lined up.  The hurrier I go the behinder I get.

The reason I was so far behind is that I finished sewing the quilt for the family that lost their quilter in April.  Here it is finished.  My daughter and I had to make quite a few design decisions to get this together.  She had only completed the first row.  She also had 5 other stratum sewn together.  We sewed the others and hoped we choose the fabric correctly.  We attempted to follow her inspiration photos.  The granddaughter graduates next Wednesday.  We will be giving it to her Grandfather to present to her.  I really hope that she likes what we did.  We tried to follow the pattern and statements of what she had said she was making.

I love the way my daughter quilted it.  I hope you can see the wavy line quilting.

Just because I had this sitting around and needed something quick one day while I waited for my daughter to show up so we could discuss the above quilt, I made this little baby quilt.

I also completed one more block for the Be My Neighbor quilt.

Monday, April 30, 2018

April UFO plus some

I have to admit that I did not immediately start on my April UFO.  I had other things that I was working on.

It was an interesting month in that I acquired two additional UFO's from someone else's sewing room.  It is a sad story, but it is giving me the kick in the butt that I need to motivate me to get stuff done.

My daughter received a call from the mom of her son's good friend.  Her mother-in-law had passed away at the end of March and they ask my daughter if she would finish the quilt that grandma had started for their oldest daughters high school graduation.  As my daughter said, when she ask for my help, How could she say 'no' to someone that had just lost someone so close.  What my daughter did not realize at the time is it is not exactly a traditional quilt.  It is pieced traditionally but the quilter had just made a lot of different design choices to the quilt pattern.  The daughter-in-law brought us what she could find in the sewing room.  We are taking her pattern, fabric and inspiration picture and doing the best that we can to complete it by June.  We are hopeful that we will have it they way it was intended. 

The other project is the repair of the quilt that the quilter had given to her son for his 21st birthday.  It has been well used.  My daughter did not realize they were bring that one also.  I have had a lot of practice lately fixing quilts so I will work on that one after we complete the graduation quilt.

Why am I the one doing it you ask.   Because dear daughter already has two jobs, three if you count the long arm quilting plus taking care of husband, house and kids.  I keep telling her the kids can do more for themselves than she thinks.  She is just so used to doing everything.  And I have apparently become her official seamstress.  This month I sewed two tops for her for gifts

The first was one that she wants to give to her son's teacher for the teacher gift.  I know, who gifts the teacher a quilt at the end of the year?  She cut it out of her stash and I pieced it.  She will get it quilted after she gets a customer quilt off her machine.

I also pieced a baby quilt for her.  My 7 year old granddaughter laid it out, I pieced it and my daughter quilted it, we got it bound and gifted, all in the space of 5 days.  I had to grab the finished picture from her IG feed with granddaughter holding it up.

For the other teacher gift, she is going to use one of my quilt tops that I did not have actual plans for.  I had finished it earlier this year.  It was on my original UFO list and I did it early. She got it quilted this last weekend and I attached the binding to the front today.  I wanted to add the picture here in case my daughter decides to have her husband finish the binding and I do not get another chance to get a photo.

I also made some spring dish towels for all of us.  I think I bought this to do last summer but did them last weekend as I waited for my grandson to come over to work on a project with me.

And last week I completed my April UFO.  It was a quilt that I started in the fall.  It is the pumpkin quilt pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew.  I had put it aside because I needed one more fat quarter of orange.  Even though I had found that I had never gone back to it.  Now the top is completed.  I hope that it will get quilted before the fall.

I almost forgot I also made some kitty blocks for @Chistypugh.  She lost her daughter in February and is making kitty quilts for all the children in her daughters class.  She asked for help from the Intragram community #emmasplan

I also fixed the Christmas quilt that I had done several years ago and when my daughter looked at it had told me I needed to turn a block.  I un-sewed it and put it back in after giving it a half turn.  I had had three strong reds right next to one another.  I had probably turned a block as I was sewing the rows.  The second picture is after I turned and sewed it back in.  I can live with that.

I also did another UFO from my list.  I mended my youngest daughters quilt that her dog had chewed a hole in.  This is embarrassing since it took me eleven years to mend it.  I was going to rip out quilting and replace fabric after I had found some of the fabric, that took at least 5 years before I ran across that in my oldest daughters scraps.  But my youngest daughter asked me a couple of weeks ago, "Why don't you just patch it?" So that is what I did.  It is hard to find on the front, the fabric is just a little brighter.  I never found any of the fabric to match the back so it is really visible.  But it is done.  This quilt was made by my oldest daughter and given to her sister.  This is before she became a long are quilter so it had to be at least 17 years ago since she got her machine at the end of 2001.

I worked on one other quilt this month.  My daughter had quilted a top I had made several years ago.  I can't remember how many years.  It was a Christmas quilt that I had planned to give to my best friend one year but because it didn't get quilted at the time it languished.  It was quilted in March and I got it bound this month.  My girl friend was over the other day and I gave it to her forgetting to take a picture.

I also worked on catching up with the block of the month that I signed up for this year.  I know I said I was not going to do that this year, but I signed up for 'The Flock' with the Hummingbird Highway.  The are all pieced bird blocks.  Not paper pieced.  The kits are laser cut which is great because if I had to cut all those pieces it would not be happening.  They are amazing. I still need to make March and April's blocks but here are January, a bonus block and February's block.

And what made me kick it into high gear this month?  Everyone who talked to me about the quilter who passed made these statements.  'She was about your age'  and 'She wasn't even sick.'  That is what kicked me into gear.  We do not know the time or the day that we will leave this earth.  But I need to not leave a room full of unfinished projects.  I still have more to finish.  And I am not even counting the projects that I have never done more than buy fabric for or the mountain of fabric in my stash.

Now to move into May and keep the momentum going.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

March was a productive month.

I am pretty amazed at all I accomplished this month. 

Instead of getting to work on March's UFO I did get a little crazy and grab a totally different project off the shelf.  It was cut out and ready to sew.  I had started it a while back....Although I can't remember exactly how far back that might be.

The quilt is called Summer and it uses Little Ruby Scrumptious (I realized I had that wrong after I posted, of course) fabric by Bonnie and Camille.  That will give you a little idea of how old it is.

After I completed that one I actually started on another new quilt.  I just needed to work with spring and summer colors as we were having a bunch of rain.

This one is made following the Perfect Ten Pattern by Swirly Girls, the fabric is Florabunda by Benartex.  Bought before the move.  

Sorry for the bad picture.  It was the first day of spring and the sun was actually shining.   But it was highlighting that one spot on the quilt as it came in the windows.  This took 10 fat quarters.  The aqua around the blocks and a boarder.  I actually pulled it all from stash.

At this point my daughter reminded me that I still needed to do my March UFO.  So I pulled it out.

This is called the Triple Barn Star.  It was a workshop on Craftsy by Amy Gibson, many moons ago.  The original pattern did not call for a boarder.  But the quilt finished at 72 x 72 without a boarder on it.  I had bought fabric to put on the back and had added additional fabric so that I could use the same thing for the boarder.  The fabric is Birch Lane by Joel Dewberry.  I think the reason I signed up for the workshop was because of the fabric.  Again I have no idea how old this project is.  I got stopped at the boarder.  Once I got the boarders cut it only took me a few hours to finish the top and make a back.  

So that was March 23rd that I finished this one.  The month was not over yet.

What should I work on next?

I decided that I wanted to do something quick and easy.

I had bought some Lily & Loom last year because I wanted to check out the fabric.  I was going to make a little quilt to give to a friends child but with the move that did not happen.  I decided that it would be a quick quilt and pulled it out.

It was quick but I noticed that the charm pack was cut a little differently than the ones I have from Moda.  The pinked edges are a little deeper, if that makes sense.  Also they were about 5 and 1/16 to 1/8 in size.  So before I cut the block that needed to be cut I trimmed them to 5 inches.  I did wish that I had remembered to trim the squares but by the time I realized that I hadn't I had already started sewing.  So I guessed on where I should be sewing.  As my mom used to say, I did them 'by guess and by golly'.  But they worked out.

I do have some more of this fabric that I have for another little quilt.  It was pretty easy to work with and if feels pretty good.  I am not sure I will buy precuts again but I do like the fabric and Craftsy does have some really good sales.

So that has been my March.  Tomorrow we will have grandkids all day because they are starting their spring break so I don't think I will get much more sewing done this month.  

It feels really good to empty a few project bins.   I am hoping to be just as productive in April.  We will need to start working outside soon on the yard so my productivity will depend on the weather.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

I have been working

February was a good month for getting things done.

I completed my UFO for the month early in the month.  Since it was only the 6th by the time I completed the top I made a little heart quilt.  I blogged about those already.

When the Olympics started and I wanted to watch several of the events I started binding a quilt.  I got it done and given last Sunday.  It was the first Reflections quilt that I made for my youngest daughter.  It is a king size so it took a while for me to get it done.  It was really hard to get a picture of it.  It was a dark rainy day and the thing is huge so very hard to lay out.  I draped it on my stationary bike.  That is the most action that bike has seen in awhile.
 This picture was taken with it folded on the couch but even with a light right next to it it turned out dark.  Much better light in the sun room but it is crowded in there.

I also moved on to another of my UFO's.  I was working on a Christmas quilt but got stopped when I needed to lay out the blocks and did not have room.   So instead I pulled out an easier project and repaired a quilt that had been damaged by our dog, Moose. My husband had tossed it across the top of the dog kennel and he had pulled an edge into the kennel and chewed a hole in it.   I had worked on getting that done several times but fixing a quilt is just not something I enjoy doing.  The first thing I had done is take out a bunch of the quilting and replace a part of the back fabric and a section of the boarder.  After doing that I noticed that I missed a few holes further out so decided to applique a patch on to cover them.  That is what I did yesterday.  It just needs to be re-quilted now. Not cutting up my fabric right away paid off this time.  I still had some of the boarder fabric and I was able to visit the store that the backing fabric came from and buy more.  This is the second quilt that I have repaired that Moose chewed up.  The first time I was covered with a quilt and he was laying at my feet.  I did not realize he was chewing on the quilt.  We no longer have Moose but it was not the quilt chewing that had us rehome him.  We did that after he broke my leg in three places and I could not take care of him while I was non-weight bearing.  Shoot I could hardly take care of myself and I could not get out of the house or walk him.

Here is the applique I added.
I basically cut out some leaves and did needle turn applique to cover the holes.

The second quilt that I need to repair is a quilt belonging to my youngest daughter that her dog chewed a hole in.  I plan on just putting a patch on that one.  I have found a couple of orphan blocks but I am not liking how that will look so am thinking of going with something different.  I am a good mom.  At least her dog has never chewed on another quilt.  I don't know how many more quilts I would be willing to repair.

Since I worked ahead on my list when I come to that number on my list I will just add something new.  I have plenty of projects I can add.  I need to get some items completed and out of my room.

I have continued to sort and purge as I unpack and put fabric on the shelf.  I also used my label maker to label all the project bins.  Once I have a full list I will have to make decisions on the ones that I no longer love and will very likely never complete.  Right now the number of project bins is overwhelming.  My husband says at this rate I have to live to be a thousand.  I thought about starting one of them this month, we will have to see if I do.  When I thought about it I was having trouble choosing one.  That is a bad sign.  One day I was having a lot of trouble coming to grips with everything I have.  Before and during the move I did a lot of purging but it was really not enough.  We still have to much stuff for our smaller house.  However, I had already got rid of the easy stuff to let go of, now I have to make the tougher decisions.  I have been told that I will have to go thru the stuff three times to be effective. 

The other list I should be making is my list of quilts that need to be bound.  My oldest daughter completed the quilting on four more quilts this month of quilts I made in the past.  That adds to the ones I already have.  Luckily my son-in-law is completing the binding on one of them.  He actually likes binding and since it gives him a good excuse to 'watch' TV in the evening he will sit and bind.  He also gave up Twitter and Facebook for Lent so he has more time.  Right now my daughter has number two of the Reflections quilts on her machine.  That one happens to be for her so maybe I can get her husband to bind that one also.  Even after that one she has more to do.  When she quilted for customers mine always got put on hold.  Now she is attempting to get everything quilted.  I am not even sure how many of mine she has.

This month I will also be making some backs for some of her quilt tops.  I think she dropped by five for me to make backs for.  

Looks like March will be busy also.  Since it is still raining I should have plenty of indoor time before I need to work in the garden.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Making progress

Even though February is a short month I have been making a lot of sewing progress.

Yesterday I was able to complete the little wall hanging that I started last week.  This top was a reward to myself for completing my February UFO. 

This quilt top was a free pattern from last year for Five Fat Quarter Fun called Chains of Love by Amanda of Jedi Craft Girl and Amber of Gigi's Thimble.  Here is a link to the pattern Chains of Love

I used red and pink from Mama's Cottage and the back ground is the little hearts from The Good Life collection.   And yes, they are directional and I made sure that they all went the same direction.

It went together very quickly.  I realized when I was making this that it is the first heart quilt of any kind I have made.  I am not sure why that is since I have collected heart patterns for a while.  I will now have to make more.

In addition to making the little quilt I also completed making a back for the Reflections quilt and I also made a back for another quilt which was another one on my list for the year.  That means I have completed two UFO's for the month of February. 

Today I actually pulled out another one to begin working on.  It has been sitting in my sewing room partially finished for at least 5 years.  It is a Christmas quilt.  I am hopeful that I will also get that one completed this month also.  I had put 12 projects on my list to work on this year I will have to figure out what other partially finished projects I have to add to the list.  

I have also been binding a quilt for my youngest daughter.  I made the top for her a couple of years ago but it just got quilted last month. 

I have at least 8 quilts in the binding pile.  I am hoping to get them all bound this year.  With the Olympics going on I have been doing more television watching and only have one side left on the current quilt it should be done by the weekend.

Monday, February 12, 2018

February 2018 UFO

I feel very accomplished this month.  I completed the UFO by February 6th.  I do still need to make a back but I should have that completed by tomorrow.

This quilt only needed boarders.  The first boarder was easy.  The second one not so much.  It is made from the bonus half square triangles from making the square in a square blocks.  To do that boarder I needed to make sure that they were the same size. That took a bunch of trimming.

I love these colors.

Once I got enough trimmed I attached the boarders.  I have a lot the squares left over to trimmed and put together an other quilt.

Here is the finished top.  The second boarder is really hard to see.  My husband was having trouble holding up this quilt.  Our old house had a front porch to stand on.  The current one does not.  We are going to have to find a way to get a better picture. 

This is actually my third quilt like this.  I have made one for each of my daughters.  I am currently binding one of the other ones as I 'watch' TV.

I started these after I visited the Art Museum for a Monet exhibit.  It is called Reflections.

I have now started on a new project.  I small valentines wall hanging.  Will I have it done by Valentine's Day?  The top will be together doubtful that it will be quilted.  Also the back for the Reflections quilt will be done. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 2018

It is hard for me to grasp that January has come and gone.

The good news is that I have finished my January UFO.  Or at least gotten it to the flimsy stage.

This quilt was started for The Fat Quarter Shop QAL in 2016.  I was doing fine on it as a QAL until we made the decision to sell our old house and move into a one level.  Once the decision was made it was time to start purging and packing.  Of course I was not going to purge my project but the sewing room was one of the rooms that was packed up early on in the process.  So this was packed away in a bin, in a moving box.

It took a while to get the old house ready to sell so that was the project I was working on all of last winter.  We had already bought the new, if a 70's ranch can be called new, but not much sewing was being done.  Bins had been unpacked and put on racks, but that was about as far as I got with my fabric.  We finally got the house on the market in June.  We had to wait for the rain to stop to get it painted.  We got offers at the end of the summer but of course it took until October to close.  In the mean time I was working full time and commuting at least two hours a day plus checking on the old place and watering the lawn all summer.  My husband and I were taking turns doing that since he was busy everyday babysitting the grandkids.

Then I needed to find my sewing mojo.  I had only sewing two baby gifts and a mini quilt in all that time.  But even after the house sold I had no motivation.

The UFO challenge this year was exactly what I needed.  I have so many 'almost finished' projects.  Two only need the boarders added.  I wonder what it is about the boarders that stops me?

Speaking of boarders....this UFO had five boarders.  That almost stopped me in my tracks, but I powered thru them.  I even made the back and the binding.  I did not get a picture of the back because it got to dark tonight to take a picture.

Here is the front.  It was not a totally rainy day but not the brightest either so the colors look more washed out than they actually are.  To take this picture I was standing on a stool to try and capture the entire quilt.  The fabric is Strawberry Fields Revisited by Fig Tree.

Now I just need to get started on the February UFO.  I am hoping it is a small project since it is a short month.

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