Monday, August 31, 2015

July and August projects

OK were did the last two months go?

I think I am ready for the structure of fall.

First for the UFO.

This was am embroidery project that I started a year ago.  I had actually completed all of the blocks last fall.  I then got side tracked with other things.  I made a few blocks for my daughter to make into pillows but never framed the blocks and cut the sashing.  You would think that would be the easy part and I sould get it done quickly....but I was after the next project.

The next project I worked on was August's UFO.  Another one that I had the blocks completed and just needed to lay it out and sew the rows.   I actually got it together early in the month but only recently took the picture.

Then I got caught up on all of the Snapshot BOM blocks.  When I say all....I had not done any of them until this month.   One weekend I cut them all out.  Then the next weekend I began sewing.  Last weekend I finished Block 8.  Now I just need to stay on track and get the rest done.  If I do that maybe this will not become next years UFO.

And now for the random project.  This has been a UFO for 6 years.  This was the quilt that my first grandchildren all had tummy time on.  The last 3 did not because 6 years ago my husband tossed it on top of the dog kennel....  The dog was bored and started chewing on it through the sides.  This was the second quilt that he chewed up.  The first one he did while sitting at my feet.  I was under a quilt and did not realize that he was chewing on it at the time.  I did not kill him but I was super anger.  He was such a sweet tempered dog and he loved everyone.  He is still alive but after he broke my leg in 3 places we had to find a new home for him.  For the next 12 weeks I could not even get out of my house alone I certainly could not take care of him.

I have had repairing this quilt on my list to do for all this time.  I recently was working on sorting scraps and finally found some that will work for this.  This month I began to pick out the quilting.  I took this picture before I started on it.