Monday, July 20, 2015

Finally finished the June UFO.

July was off to a good start.

I finished my June UFO on July 2nd.  Better late than never.  I have been attempting to do a little analysis of why I have put projects away unfinished.

For this one I had the center of the quilt completed and all of the boarders sewn on.  The next step was to embroider the corner section of the text boarder and then embroider the snowflakes in the outer boarder.    So why did I stop?  When I look at what still needed to be done there was not that much, but this was the only the third project and I think I was worried about lining up the corners correctly.  However, once I pulled up the design I discovered that this designer had actually put in the line up lines in the design.  When I first started embroidering I didn't know what to look for.  I was able to spend several evenings stitching out a corner each evening but just did not get all the snowflakes embroidered before the end of June.  It feels really good to have finished another project.

This is my least favorite part of machine embroidery.  Takes me longer to take off the paper than to embroider.

hmm..why can't I figure out how to rotate this?

Oh well I have a picture at least.

I also got the Cat Weave quilted.  I still need to bind it.  I just did straight stitches on my home machine.  Gotta start somewhere with the quilting.

I am now working on July's UFO.