Sunday, May 31, 2015

End of May, Really?

I can't believe that it is the end of May.  Where did it go?  I did get my UFO finished early in the month, but then never took a picture until today.  Nothing like a little procrastination in your life.  This quilt is one just because, I like the colors.  No real plans for it but I am sure it will be with me for a while.  It matches some pillows I have.  I bought it as a clearance kit a while back and I got all the way to the last boarder when I stopped working on it.  When I picked it up this month I remembered why - the outside boarder was to be cut the width of fabric, fussy cutting the design.  Of course the design was not printed straight.  Can you say waves in this boarder?

I also finished sewing down the binding on two quilts.

The first has been quilted for a year.  I hate to admit that but last summer was to hot to bind and then I got a little crazed on making gifts for Christmas last September and just keep putting this one off.  It is a disappearing four patch using Kate Spain fabrics.  Nice and bright for our gray winter days.

The second one is one I showed the quilting on in March.  Amazing right, finished within two months.  The top had been waiting to be quilted for a while.  Remember that crazed in daughter got sucked into my crazed behavior as my quilter, I kept her busy also.

Speaking of my daughter, I may have to learn to quilt.  For the last several years she has worked from home scoring sleep studies she is now going to be working outside the home 5 days a week.  (motivation was health insurance for the family, they can no longer afford to buy it on there own, it has gone up so much in price with the Affordable Care Act).  Anyway, even though she would work long hour they could be later in the evening and she could quilt in the light of day.  That is changing.  We will just have to see how her schedule works out and if she will get any quilting time.  And my darling husband is now the kid taxi.  He will be picking up her children after school and babysitting on non school days.  Can you say he is going to have a very busy summer?  Since he watches kids for both our daughters there will be some days that he has four children all day long.  Yes, four.  Right now they are 6, 5, 5 and 2.  Three will have birthdays in August and it will be 7, 6, 5 and 3. That will be Second grade, First grade, Kindergarten and pre-school in the fall.  The 2nd grader and kindergarten in one city and the 1st grader in another with 30 minute drive in between, if traffic is good.