Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2106

Well isn't this the pits.  The end of May and absolutely no finishes for the month.

I did however work on the embroidered star quilt I began joining the rows.

I did work on the third reflections quilt, the rows are sewn and I kept meaning to join them together but life got in the way.

What else did I do?  I made several trips to Goodwill as I cleaned stuff out of our house.

I worked on organizing my sewing room so that I could walk in and sew rather then walk in and move stuff to sew. I made progress.

I have two quilts back from being quilted that need the binding sewn on.

I have two quilts that the binding is almost all the way finished.  One is a baby quilt I can carry with me the other is a twin that I am working on at home.

I had a week off from work when I thought I would sew but with the watching the grandkids and trying to organize....my house is sadly in need of that.  I would much rather sew than do housework and tend to let things slide.  When my husband retired he suppose to pick up more around the house, but he never throws anything away. Nor does he pick anything up.  This last weekend was attempting to clean up the dining room so we had room for everyone to eat on Monday.

I started walking more, as this winter I put on more weight that was acceptable.

I also started a diet last week.  I am down 4 lbs.  I does take more time to prepare food than to grab something already made, so that is taking additional time.

I would like to lose enough weight so that I can get back into deep water aerobics.  Right now my swimsuit does not fit.  I refuse to buy bigger clothes.

Just so I have a picture - here is an older quilt that I happen to have a picture of on this computer.  I use this picture at work for all my social media connections. (slack and jabber)

This is from a few years ago.  Made from a half square triangle exchange at a local quilt shop.  I can't remember if I have ever posted this one before but I do love it.