Monday, November 7, 2016

We are moved!

We have been in the house for two weeks.

I am slowly unpacking and almost have my sewing room set up.  I can't totally get my sewing room set up until the new lights go in.  The room did not have enough light in it so I am adding some can lights.

I will need to downsize more.  Towards the end I was getting help and no purging was going on just packing. 

Then my husband went into pack rat mode and began bring items I had purged but not gotten out of the old place yet.  Plus items I had intentionally left behind.  Like the WiFi router for the old provider that I needed to return.  It took me over a week to find it.  I still need to return it but the day I took off work to do that I could not find it. 

I still have no pictures.  And who wants to see boxes anyway?

This last weekend I unpacked all the boxes in the master bedroom attempting to have at least one room that is no chaos.  Then this morning I realized I am missing a box somewhere that has my coats in it.  Maybe they are in the garage.....

We still are cleaning up the old place and hope to get it on the market soon.  There is some work that can now be done since we are no longer living there.

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  1. I do. I want to see the unfinished space, then see what you do with it. I am fascinated with sewing spaces. Moving is exciting. Reinventing one's self.