Sunday, March 30, 2014

February turned into March

February was been busy, as a matter of fact it was so busy that I never got this posted.  It is now the end of March.  I have continued working on my UFO's.  One of the big ones is for my Hoop Sister's Feathered Star.   I am attempting to get done is all of my blocks embroidered.  I fell behind getting them done by November.  I have 17 more block to embroider before I lay them you and start the assembly.  I am really not looking forward to that part - which is very likely why I have put off working on this one.  Maybe I will like it when I get it completed.  Right now I am not in love the the quilt or the process.  Oh well, live and learn.

I have been following 52 quilts in 52 weeks UFO challenge for the year and am working on UFO #6 this February.  I did complete the UFO for last month and since #6 is a wall hanging I should be able to complete it.

In late February, my daughter in law called and ask me to make a quilt for her foster daughter before she was returned to her father.  She had been using a quilt that I had made the year before for my daughter-in-law that my grandsons had asked me to make for mothers day.  Although I know that my DIL would have given Sienna the quilt she did not want to hurt the boys feelings.  I made big 8 inch blocks with sashing because it was quick.  She ask for it on a Saturday I completed in Sunday and took it to my daughter to quilt.  It was quilted on Monday and I started attaching binding on Wednesday.  My husband bound it and took it to her on Thursday.  I have a terrible picture of it.  It was to dark and rainy.  Needless to say I did not get UFO #6 done for February.

I worked on laying out a quilt during the Super Bowl and sewed it together this last weekend.  I learned a valuable lesson....never lay a quilt out at my youngest daughter's house.  I have been using the lint roller on every block as I sewed it together to remove dog hair.   However, as the quilt was waiting to get good enough light to take a picture my oldest daughter stopped by and took it to her house.  I still do not have a picture.

I also began doing the little cross stitch blocks the Little Miss Shabby.  They are small and cute. But I am very out of practice and have made numerous mistakes.  And ripped several times.  No pictures yet. Not until I get it right.

I have the blocks all pieced for the zig zag quilt.  When I began laying this quilt out I discovered that I have sewed over half the block incorrectly.  This one looked so easy.  Looks can be deceiving.  It has two blocks and I got pretty good doing the first one then started doing the second but somehow I keep going back to the first block.  This was UFO for the Month of March.

And here is UFO #6

It should have been completed before Christmas now it really does not matter if it takes a while to get this one quilted.

I am now waiting to find out the UFO number for April.


  1. Hi! I'm here from Marti's UFO parade. The pink quilt is so sweet and pretty despite its design simplicity. And I'm wondering if you'll pass on your secret of how you got your husband to do the binding. ;D

    1. Well to start with I taught him how to sew and make quilts about 15 years ago. He actually enjoys doing binding and helps both daughters and myself with binding. So all had to do was ask for help. The fabric for the large block was from his stash and the sashing was from mine. Yes - he has his own stash. He hasn't sewn much lately but has made about 25 quilts. My daughter and I say he was a modern quilter before there was a name for it. Lately, he has been doing childcare for the youngest grandchildren and has not had much time to sew.

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